Digital Photography

Photography was something brand new to me in this Traineeship, and I learnt a lot from it, including how to use a camera and composition.

In Digital Photography we use Lightroom to catalog and edit the files, and Photoshop for more editing if desired

'My city'

photo series

This is the first photography series I produced under the theme, My City

I wanted to capture the essence of the coastal life of Dublin City through its residents, linking my locations with bikes as a means of travel.

I was interested in the different feeling of capturing people in pairs versus people alone.

I also focused heavily on the Poolbeg towers as an iconic Dublin landmark to situate the pieces


photo series

The second photography series I produced under the theme, Nature

For this I really wanted to show the dominance of nature, whether it actually be nature overcoming something like a building or a rock, to nature dominating it's space or environment,

I tried to compose the images to be dominant in their structure, showing nature as confrontational, or even aggressive.

All images are sharpened and colour graded to achieve a unifying style.


photo series

The third and final photography series I did was the theme of Darkness.

This series was done in tandem with the Nature series, and I wanted to explore different styles and have two very distinct photo series.

These images are heavily post processed to make them have an eerie otherworldly vibe, with hidden shadows and spooky figures throughout.

I also really wanted to play with how saturated you could make colours, even in darkness.



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